After two wonderful years in London with Makielab I packed my bags in February of this year and moved to Hong Kong (for 6 Months-ish) to complete my PhD and to work with a toy and games team thinking about integrating 3D printing into their service offering. More on this soon.

London has been a kind old city where I've had the best of times, it is a home I won't ever forget and a home I may soon come back to. Makielab are as ever, wonderful - if you don't know what they are up to have a look here

And so, I found myself wandering through Hong Kong for a week in late February wondering what Hong Kong held for me. I opted to live in Kowloon - a place often described by locals as the 'dark side', where I find myself living just off one of the busiest night markets - Tung Choi Street, near the Bird Market on the edges of Boundary Street. 

Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world and the day to day bustle in Kowloon certainly helps remind you of this. It's a city that doesn't stop, awake at 3am the food and wet markets rouse the city and it keeps on going, through commuter hours, school runs, evening dinner and night markets, the bars close just as the wet markets open once more.

It's a city of contradictions and chaos and I find myself part of an equally bustling start-up 'scene' thinking about it means to establish a company in Asia, to work globally and hire locally. With side trips to Japan and China, visits with haxlr8r, PCH Int, Seeed Studio, Fab Cafe Tokyo and Tencent amongst others my projects are up and running.