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Natasha Carolan

About Natasha

Natasha is a freelance researcher and product designer who works on issues such as on-demand manufacture and democratising access to manufacture.  She currently lives in London. She is occasionally available for hardware, speaking, manufacturing, operations and design roles. Natasha may be found scuba diving, rock climbing, gardening and drawing when not at work. 




Currently unavailable, previously Makielab and Hong Kong City University.
Projects include, Intimate Objects - toys for adults,  Homesense Project with Tinker London & EDF R&D, featured in MoMA Talk to Me. Awards: RSA Design Directions & Worshipful Company of Tin Plate Workers Awards.
Publications & Talks


Doctoral research: On-demand manufacture & creative commerce: remix & customisation as emergent markets for the toy industry.What happens when we open popular intellectual property to modding, remix and co-creation using digital tools and on-demand manufacture?
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